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Lithuania comes under Europa i.e. European countries. Lithuania is known for being a country full of rebellious, quirky and vibrant people. So Bangalorians if you are looking for some excitement beyond Indian boundaries this can be your destination.

The country stretches from Baltic to Black sea. It is the southernmost of the three Baltic States. Lithuania is the largest and most populous among these Baltic States. The capital city is Vilnius a small place with amazing contrasts of spooky eerie courtyards, bizarre artist community, splendid arts and beautiful extravagance. Lithuania has natural beauty of forests, lakes, hills and so much more which cannot be found anywhere else. This is the reason why you can easily find Lithuania immigration consultants in Bangalore. As more people are willing to go they need a shorter and faster solution.

As you are not a resident of Lithuania you will need a visa to enter the country. For visa you need to know its whats and hows, so here they are:-

You need to fill Lithuanian tourist visa application form completely and correctly.

You need original and valid Indian passport with 6 months remaining on it.


You need passport size and type photos

You need a copy of your to and fro tickets for Lithuania.

Apart from these documents, you will also need health insurance. Simply any health insurance will not work here; you need a letter on the company s letter head specifically declaring that you will be covered while travelling internationally and validity of coverage should be at least 50,000 US dollars.

You need to show a copy of your bank statements confirming sufficient funds in your account.

If you are working or studying somewhere then you need a letter from your employer or academic institute that you have been granted leave for that particular duration and then you will be able to re-join once you return.

If you are self-employed then you need to submit a copy of your business license and tax returns. Retired people need to submit a copy of their retirement funds.

You need to submit a copy of your hotel reservations or place you will be staying.

If you are visiting family or friends then you need them to provide a letter of invitation from the host mentioning your purpose and duration of visit and many other things.

All this gets hectic and tedious and definitely with all the work on you, you simply cannot put in so much effort on this. So should you drop the idea, should you not have fun? Gone are the days when people had to sacrifice one thing over other, now you can have both. You can stay with your regular schedules and still get other things done that too via experts. Yes Lithuania immigration consultants in Bangalore can be solution to your problem.

These consultants can guide you or assist you from beginning till the end. Go for someone with prior experience not a newbie because experienced ones can make your visa process smooth and swift.

Lithuania immigration consultants in Bangalore offer various services from filling of application form till after boarding services. Your journey to Lithuania can be filled with fun without any stress or worries. An immigration expert can save your time and money both. They can save you from the pain of standing in queues or waiting in offices. All you need to do is find one immigration consultant for yourself.

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