Clark Construction: Building Tomorrow, Today

December 26, 2023 Off By Admin

Clark Construction, initially known as Clark Brothers Company at its inception in 1906, is an unshakeable pillar of the United States’ construction sector. Began a century ago with a mere handful of employees, it has mutated into one of the most diversified and massive construction firms in the nation, with a multitude of successful ventures littering its extensive history.

Our article will focus on Clark Construction‘s contribution to the energy-efficient construction movement, particularly their implementation of triple glazed windows and the cost associated with such an investment.

Integrating Sustainability with Construction

Clark Construction has always marched hand-in-hand with innovation and sustainable practices. Recognizing the urgency to create structures that are kinder to our environment and economical for end-users, Clark has effectively merged the worlds of construction and energy efficiency. This is strikingly evident in their adoption of technologies such as triple glazed windows.

The significance of Triple Glazed Windows

Triple glazed windows, or triple pane windows, originated in colder climates but have become mainstream due to their ample benefits. They are an improvement over conventional double glazed windows, offering enhanced insulation and lower energy consumption – crucial factors in an era of rising energy prices and environmental concerns. These high-performance windows have three layers of glass, or ‘glazing,’ with inert gas fills in between, forming an impervious barrier against temperature extremes, noise pollution, and UV radiation.

In projects spearheaded by Clark Construction, triple glazed windows have become a central feature, contributing significantly to the building’s overall energy efficiency and LEED certification standards. Clark’s commitment to sustainability is exemplified by their embrace of such superior technologies. Spanning projects such as the Chicago River Point Tower, the Triple Glazed windows were a crucial part of achieving LEED Platinum, the highest level of certification available from the U.S. Green Building Council.

The Triple Glazed Windows Cost

When deploying a sustainable and energy-efficient solution like triple glazed windows, it’s necessary to address the triple glazed windows cost. While higher upfront than conventional glazing solutions, the difference in cost is an investment into the future, with significant payoffs over the lifespan of a building. Lower energy consumption for heating and cooling, extended life due to robust construction, and enhanced comfort level for occupants – all these benefits accrue over the building’s life, leading to a positive return on investment.

While the initial cost may induce some hesitance, Clark Construction offers comprehensive consultations, ensuring its clients understand the long-term benefits and finance schemes available. By providing full financial transparency, Clark quells any upfront cost concerns and helps clients appreciate the long-term benefits of such a sustainable investment.


Clark Construction, through its innovative and eco-friendly practices, is a trendsetter in the construction industry. As they continue to adopt pioneering technologies such as triple glazed windows, they not only set new industry standards but also aid in the global battle against climate change. In this challenging era, the combination of innovation, sustainability, and financial prudence provided by companies like Clark is ushering us into a brighter, more sustainable future.