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Getting admitted to nursing school and finally wearing discount urbane scrubs is not that easy because there are thousands of contenders who wish to enter the same school as you do and are vying for the limited slots offered in the top nursing schools. The minimum requirement for qualifying to apply in a nursing school is a high school diploma or its equivalent such as the GED.


If you’re in high school and have already decided that you want to take up nursing as a career, your chances of getting into a nursing school will increase if you have good grades, particularly in science and math subjects. Most nursing schools prefer if the student has had a string background in these courses. Another way to increase your chances of getting into nursing school is scoring high in your SATs and ACT. If you are a non-native English speaker, you will need to take a TOEFL exam and score relatively high in it too.



If you have grades that are less than satisfactory, you can make up for it in your application form. Most nursing applications require an essay asking you why you want to become a nurse. In this part, it is time to pour your heart out and impress the potential readers. You need to write an essay that stands out. As you may have figured out for yourself, the first thing that comes to your mind in answering the question of why you want to become a nurse is probably the first thing that will come to thousands of other applicant’s mind. The common and generic answers include wanting to help out people, having a compassionate spirit, and wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. While these are valid answers, answering your essays in these terms will only show how unimaginative and typical you are. To show that you are special, you have to be more specific and personal. Instead of churning out general statements, you can tell a story about how you became interested in caring for people-maybe it was when you were ten years old and your grandmother became sick you had to take care of her the whole summer instead of going on vacation. At first, you sulked about your situation because you envied your friends but later on, your grandmother and you bonded and she taught you how to bake cookies and told you wonderful stories, and you helped her dye her hair and read her the newspaper, and so on.

Give interesting details but make sure that they are all relevant and really answer the question. You can also cite your role models and how they inspired you to want to become a nurse. Say something that is specific to nursing-you may want to care for people but why choose nursing specifically when there are hundreds of other ways to care for or help people. Also, your essay should reflect your passion and desire to become a nurse. Show the reader that you’ve done your research and have a good background on medicine and nursing practices. Mention what specific field of nursing you are interested in and if you want to pursue further studies. The more seemingly focused your goals are, the more they will believe that you are serious about your career choice and that nursing is really for you. Good luck!

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