Skimmed Milk Powder&Amp; Cow Ghee: Proven Health Supplements

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Skimmed Milk Powder& Cow Ghee: Proven Health Supplements



Milk and cow ghee have been important part of


Indian food. Its daily consumption is considered must by everyone. There are many people who like milk but can\’t drink it because it is not available especially in major cities. The SMP is the best alternative to substitute dairy fresh milk.Skimmed milk powder is manufactured by spraying dry dairy ingredients. First of all, pasteurized milk is concentrated in the evaporator till it becomes approx. 50% solid. This semi solid produce is sprayed in a heated chamber. Here the water contents evaporate almost instantly leaving the fine particles of solid powder milk. In some units, milk is dried by drying drums also. Here, milk is applied over the heated surface of drum; within minutes, it becomes solid layer. This layer is scraped off to be crushed further.Skimmed milk powder is used for variety of applications like href=\”\”> chocolates

, sweets, bakery, confectionary industries and ice creams. Skim milk powder is known for its superb quality. It is in good demand by the retails and bulk consumers-located in the areas where fresh and natural milk is not available easily. It is good alternative for those too who can\’t go to the dairy daily. It can be used for making coffee, curd and tea etc. It is easier to carry. Its long shelf life makes it favorite to all. It doesn\’t need refrigeration because of low moisture content.

The other milk product that is widely used in Indian food is cow ghee. It contains high fat. It has been proved that one teaspoon ghee contains eight mg. of cholesterol. Ghee is considered human friendly and is being used intensively in Indian cuisines since centuries. Its regular consumption improves physical and mental strength. Besides being nutritive, cow ghee helps in taking out impurities from our body. It is good for the right upkeep of eyes, muscles and bones.

Both of these, SMP and cow ghee are used in to make different kinds of Ayurvedic medicines. Research studies have proved that both of these are effective for treating the diseases primarily related with Acidity, Anemia, Anti-dots of drugs, Asthma, Anti-dote of poison, Bilious Irruption, Tongue Boils, Blood Impurity, Dysentery, Constipation, cough, Burning sensation in eyes, Jaundice and Nose Bleeding etc.

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