A Blueprint For The Ultimate Weight Loss Workout Routine

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By Smithe Johns

Losing weight is a common desire for many. When done correctly, weight loss through exercise can also result in significant loss of body fat as well as a great looking body. While achieving this goal isn’t easy, it is simple. If you are ready to make a serious commitment, this article will give you the gameplan you need to reach success.

1. Focus on maximizing muscle recruitment – Muscle recruitment refers to the quantity of muscle you use during an exercise. You absolutely have to focus on this when creating a weight loss workout routine. The reason this is so critical is because recruiting more muscle requires more energy, thus cooking extra calories. The end result is greater fat loss. The exercises you perform determine the amount of muscle recruitment you achieve.

For example, don’t spend your time doing lots of bicep curls and tricep pressdowns. These muscle groups are small which means they don’t burn too many calories when isolated (i.e. worked by themselves). Rather, choose to do more pullups (assisted, modified, or pulldowns if necessary). They engage the back and the biceps at the same time. Instead of tricep pressdowns, focus on dips (modified if needed) and tricep bench presses. This way you hit the chest, shoulders, and triceps. When working the lower body, squats and deadlifts should also be a normal part of your routine. Keep in mind there are tons of great exercises to choose from, these are just a few examples.


2 . A circuit training workout routine is an excellent choice – In my opinion, a circuit training workout plan is the best approach to fat loss. Here’s a breakdown: Put together a chain of 4 – 6 exercises with 10-60 seconds of rest (based on your fitness level) between each exercise. You are now combining cardio and strength training. This is highly effective. To really make it work you need to complete your circuit 3-5 times in 30-60 minutes. If you can’t maintain for that length of time, start with at least 20 minutes and gradually increase the length of each workout until you get there.

3. Track your workouts with a journal – In life if you want to move to the next level, you have to give a next level effort. Working out is no different. Your body can adapt to your workout routines very quickly, which will result in a slowdown or total stop of your results. Here’s how you stop that from happening: every time you work a muscle group you need to push it a little harder than you did the last time. There are three basic things that you should track per exercise – weight or intensity used, amount of reps per set, and amount of total sets. By increasing at least one these areas every time you exercise a muscle group, you keep your results from plateauing.

4. Vary your training applications (stability ball, free weights, calisthenics, plyometrics, etc) – This is also referred to as muscle confusion. Different applications require different demands of your muscles. This is another great way to keep your body from adapting to your routine. The changes in demand mean that your muscles will have a more intense and involved response to your workout plan, instead of running on “auto pilot”, so to say.

You know have a clear blueprint to create an awesome workout routine for weight loss. Don’t forget that this requires a long term commitment and success doesn’t come overnight. Stay focused and consistent. You must also exercise proper nutrition. If you do these things you will be extremely happy with your results.

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