Relocating To London? Best Time Is After The 2012 Olympics

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Submitted by: Una McGuinness

Any individual with even a little bit of experience of dealing with the real estate market would agree that whenever a city hosts a big international event, the prices of properties go up drastically. In London, which is hosting the 2012 Olympics, the situation is no different.

Currently, the capital of the United Kingdom is in the throes of a major spike in real estate rental prices simply because of the drastic increase in the demand for all the properties. While some landlords are demanding rentals that are ten times that of normal long term rentals, the average increase in monthly rentals for this period is around four or five times that of normal.

Furthermore, this increase in rentals being demanded is not only limited in the eastern side of London. In fact, the whole of the city is reporting an increase in monthly rentals because people coming to attend the Olympics also want to see the city. In addition to this, the citywide increase can also be explained as people try to avoid the steep rentals that landlords are demanding in and around the regions where Olympics events are being held.

However, the big question is what happens when the 2012 Olympics excitement has passed and all the international visitors have left for their home countries? Real estate experts and industry watchers expect that the market would immediately switch from being a seller s market to a buyer s market. This basically means that there will be a lot of properties that would be empty and in need of occupants. Needless to say, a situation of more supply and less demand will bring the prices down almost as quickly as they went up.


The best example of dips in real estate rentals can be found from records of Athens and Barcelona. Both the cities, after their respective international events, witnessed a sharp dip in real estate property rentals. If one takes these trends and combines them with the current volatility that is affecting national and global economies, it can be safely assumed that London s property rentals would show a drop bigger than what was seen in Athens and Barcelona.

Even so, such international events also have a tendency to improve the real estate market in the longer term. For instance, the East London region, owing to the kind of infrastructural development that has taken place, would see a markedly improved real estate market. In fact, the entire real estate profile of the region would undergo a change as there is expected to be an addition of around 11, 000 new residential units in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

In addition to this, the city itself would see an addition of approximately 64, 000 new homes. The addition of these new residential units with the increased publicity that the Olympics would provide would not only result in more people willing to rent them but also more people willing to purchase them.

If you are planning to relocate to London then the following are some things you should consider:

1. The work in Stratford and East London regions has already started.

2. However, the best time to purchase properties or rent in the long term would be after the 2012 Olympics have finished.

3. For long term rental contracts, avoid the break clause which allows the contract to be broken easily.

4. Long term movers should wait for the Olympics to be over.

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