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There are many advisors that make retirement planning far too difficult and try to confuse clients with their technical knowledge rather than offer straightforward advice to make a wise investment plan. The best Sydney financial planners believe financial planning is basically the steps to give detailed, unbiased tips to help individuals meet their financial goals.

No matter how much money the individual may have, Sydney financial planning process covers the following:

“Learn about the Client”

A Sydney financial advisor is regulated by the Financial Service Authority, and he or she must follow a strict code of conduct, which means the advisor must sit down to get to know the client before giving any types of financial advice.

To get to know individuals and their financial goals, a face-to-face meeting is needed to talk about their current financial strategies to benchmark their savings, pension, and any other investment performances to look at which are passing the grade, and investments that are not passing the grade.


The purpose to do face-to-face meetings is to look at your aspirations in life, and for several of them, it comes down to desires, such as great education for your kids and grandchildren, retirement with lots of savings, or perhaps save up for the future to buy a nice house or car. Sydney retirement planning will help you figure out everything that you want and need.

“Identifying Financial Concerns”

Clients will have to figure out what are their risk tolerance levels and other concerns about the future of your family if something bad were to happen to you. The concept is to identify the areas of financial concerns and to tailor a financial plan that works with the issues you raise.

Each individual is different and has different financial concerns. Someone who is financially stable will have different financial advice compared to someone who has modest income. Best Sydney financial planners will be able to work with every client no matter what their current financial status is.

“Goal Setting”

The individual will talk with a Sydney financial advisor to discuss goal settings. Goals are very important to help keep track of progress. A goal that can be measured is like wanting a pension fund worth $100,000 in ten years. That is a measurable goal, but the Sydney financial planning firm will talk with the client to see if the goal is achievable in respect to how the money in the fund is invested and whether the client is topping up the fund with additional money.

“Implementing Your Decision”

The best Sydney financial planners will come up with a well-written investment strategy plan for you and then talk with you to discuss the investment options. When you agree with an investment plan that you feel will work best for you, you will then sign off papers for agreements. A Sydney financial planning firm will not proceed with any types of investments without your written agreement.

A great Sydney retirement planning firm will give you written reports as well as sit down to talk with you about the progress as time goes by.

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