The Evolution Of Music Through Technology

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The Evolution of Music Through Technology


Anna Mundo

Music has gone a long way ever since it was first discovered. From the beat of the heart to the loudest sound that a sound system can produce, music has definitely a lot of things to say. While there are many classifications of music from different countries and generations, it is still recognized as the universal language of the heart.

Generally, we can associate the evolution of music with the birth of the new technology. The latest music equipment and instruments have helped artists and producers to become more experimental and creative when it comes to making new and good music. Recording is also much easier. And even selling it has a huge difference if compared to the past.

The new music equipment has also helped in creating new genres such as techno, rap and pop, etc. The artificial sounds that various contemporary electronic instruments such as electric guitars and keyboards have ignited the idea of producing different sounds that will fit today s generation.


Discovering new talents is now also as easy as creating a new sound. With the power and help of Internet, many new breed of artists from all over the world are being discovered and given with breaks to become known in the international scene. Now, discoverers look at video hosting websites such as for talents. Most of these people have also gained huge followers and fans which are helpful in building their careers.

Dumping some of the traditional ways of making and selling music has also allowed producers and artists to promote their music more economically. The innovative technology has enabled them to be freed from traditional and costly advertising. Social media has also helped them in reaching the right audience without exerting to omuch effort and spending a lot. Today, targeting new audience is vaster and the possibilities become endless.

Even though there are many positive attributes that the new technology has brought to the music industry, the changes in the way music are produced and shared have also made a huge impact on the economy due to piracy and various channels that provide free music sharing. This drawback has made some artists and music recording companies to take the back seat and away from the lamplight. Sad truth but can be avoided and prevented now.

Truly, the changes in technology are good despite of the number of disadvantages it can bring. This advancement is something to be joyous as it denotes a win-win situation among producers, artists and consumers. To fully take advantage of its benefits, everyone should be responsible in using its wonderful gift.

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